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Becoming A Leader

What is leadership? Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of acommon task.
For me leadership is:

A Leader can be anyone from a bum to an innovator, to a life changer, to your boss. Other examples of what we see a leader are our Sundays priest, collegeprofessor, to a world leader, to the president, etc. Those are some types of leaders, but not all kind of leaders. There are infinite descriptions and appearance of leaders even the less expected can dosomething to change the world, society, and your life direct and indirectly. Leaders aren’t followers they are the ones being followed. Someone who people can look up to has a good roll model. Passionateof what he wants to achieve in life for him and for others. He does not envy others, they envy him because they cannot be him. A leader is someone that has the belief that he can do anything thatcomes to him and achieve it with greatness. In life the first step is the most difficult after you concur it, simple but also the hardest one. After you achieve it everything is a lot simpler if noteasier.
A leader doesn’t need followers you can be a leader by just knowing you are one.
Leadership is power, power means knowledge. Ready for any situation at any given moment he confronts and makesthe best out of it to make his achievement and more.
Great leader are those who can rule and know people will listen to his commands with out any type of hesitation.
A leader is not ruling and givingorders a leader can me someone that cares about the people he works or socializes with. Leader make more of them self by being the best they can be, sometimes it even involves cheating the so calledsystem and life. Those are the few that have security and no fear of anything that can happen to them. Those are After passing society and its obstacles you can do anything you dream and want....
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