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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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A Phoenix initiAtive rePort

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Strategic Leadership:

Framework for a 21st Century National Security Strategy

By anne-Marie Slaughter, Bruce W. Jentleson, ivo H. daalder antony J. Blinken, lael Brainard, Kurt M. campbell, Michael a. Mcfaul, James c. o’Brien, Gayle e. Smith and James B. Steinberg

About the Phoenix Initiative The Phoenix Initiative is a collective effortto provide an intellectual and policy framework for the next administration. The group initially came together three years ago to discuss on a regular basis the state of the world, America’s place in it, and the best ways for advancing America’s interest and values. Our goal was to develop ideas and concepts that made sense from a policy— as opposed to a political— perspective and to make thecase for them on that basis alone. That is also the basis of this first report—a manifesto meant to marshal the best practices and ideas of the progressive tradition in U.S. foreign policy and adapt them to a rapidly changing world.

our meetings would not have been possible without the hospitality of foxKiser—particularly Buz Waitzkin, a partner in the firm, and Wanda dawkins,administrative professional par excellence—at whose office we met and where we devoured many pounds of the best cookies, bagels, and fruit that Washington has to offer. the center for a new american Security (cnaS) took on the task of publishing the final report, and organized its launch in Washington. We are grateful to everyone at the center, not least its directing staff and especially to WhitneyParker who saw this through from beginning to end.

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Ta b L e o f Co n T e n T S Preface Executive Summary A New Security Environment Security, Liberty, Prosperity A Doctrine of Strategic Leadership Strategic Priorities Conclusion 3 5 10 13 14 20 32


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Strategic Leadership:

Framework for a 21st CenturyNational Security Strategy

about the authors
antony J. blinken is staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The views expressed in this paper are his own and cannot be attributed to the Foreign Relations Committee or any of its members. Lael brainard is Vice President and Director of Global Economy and Development and the Bernard L. Schwartz Chair in International Economicsat Brookings Institution. Kurt M. Campbell is Co-Founder and CEO of the Center for a New American Security. Ivo H. Daalder is a Senior Fellow and the Sydney Stein, Jr. Chair at Brookings Institution. bruce W. Jentleson is a Professor of Public Policy Studies and Political Science at Duke University. Michael a. Mcfaul is Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and Professor ofPolitical Science at Stanford University. He is also the Director of the Center on Democracy, Development and Rule of Law at Stanford. James C. o’brien is a Principal of The Albright Group and Albright Capital Management. Formerly, he was presidential envoy for the Balkans and principal deputy in the Office of Policy Planning at the State Department. anne-Marie Slaughter is Dean of the WoodrowWilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and Co-Director of the Princeton Project on National Security. Gayle e. Smith is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Co-Chair of the ENOUGH Project, and Director of the International Rights and Responsibilities Program. James b. Steinberg is Dean of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at theUniversity of Texas-Austin.


Strategic Leadership: Framework for a 21st Century National Security Strategy

P r e f a c e

As one of the founders of the original Phoenix Initiative in early 2005, I felt strongly that it was time for a group of younger foreign policy thinkers to come together and work through common positions not only on a set of specific issues, but also on how America should...
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