Lies for the public good

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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2011
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1. - “Deception at such times seem to the government leaders as the only means of attaining the necessary results”. I chose this quote because I think that summarizes the particular point of view ofthe author about the actions that many governments around the world take to get what they want, especially ours. Since people don’t want to hear bad news about economy, security or health, ourgovernment is constantly looking for new ways to deceive us by using TV shows or sports to divert our attention from what’s really important. It has not always been like that; our government has done goodthings without our knowledge because they thought people wouldn’t understand the good beneath the actions; however the reality shows that in recent years they have done more harm than good.
2. - For mypersonal experience, in the past few years I’ve seen for myself how our government is always diverting our attention using famous TV shows or sports events, they use this kind of things to takeadvantage for their own purposes such as raising the cost of gasoline or the taxes on the food or medicine and since we are too busy with the diversions we won’t complain at all or even notice.Unfortunately this has happened in our country the last years and raising taxes is not the only thing the government uses diversions for, they also uses them to hide the financial status of the country and thesecurity problems which keep getting worse and worse. Something has to be done, the government leaders have to stop deceiving the people and start finding solutions for the problems we have instead ofjust pretending that nothing wrong is going on, and also the people have to open their eyes and raise their voice to get the things done right. Personally I have sent a few letters to people workingwith the government asking for answers but sadly nobody has replied me yet.
3. - a) Lying is excusable when undertaken for “noble” ends by those trained to discern these purposes. Many people...
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