Life hard and analytic

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1. What is communication? What elements are needed to make communication happen? (1 point)____________________________________________________________




2. Write down two differences between animal and human communication. (1 point)____________________________________________________________



3. Choose the best option and fill in the gaps with the most appropriate adjective. (1 point)1. Think about it, Pete! That job seems to be very DEMANDED/DEMANDING.
2. Claire is quite STRESSED/STRESSING and she is always complaining about everything!
3. It was soEMBARRASED/EMBARRASING because I kissed my best friend’s new girlfriend.
4. It takes me two hours to get to work and driving is too TIRED/TIRING.
5. Life is such an EXCITED/EXCITING journey, isn’t it?4. Translate the following text into Spanish. (2 points)

Shy feelings are identified at some point in our life If, as this chapter indicates, 80% of us at some point (possibly now) havebeen considered shy, then most of us will find this article engaging. Virginia P. Richmond and James C. McCroskey are renowned communication scholars, researchers and writers. In this chapter fromtheir book on communication apprehension, they delve into the concept of shyness and the communication implications of that behavior. You will see how choosing not to communicate verbally may result inyour communicating to others messages that you may not intend.
(Adapted from "Shyness: The Behavior of Not Communicating" from (Chapter 3) Communication:  Apprehension, Avoidance, and...
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