Life in other cultures

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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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The customs and habits in the different cultures exist because there are diversity of thinking about us: The humans. For example, the simple fact of living indifferent places, environments, weathers.
Mexico has variety of costums, for example: Not only does Mexico have diferent kind of food, but also an friendly town. In Mexico always will you findfriendly people wherever you go.
But America is influencing our culture with their culture like Halloween, how frequently do you say foreign words?, how often do you use something foreign?, butthat shouldn’t be happening, because in Mexico we have many traditions like the dead’s day. How could we the mexicans change this situation?, well, we would know more about our culture, if wesaved our culture we.
There are other interesting cultures in the world, for example the greeks, in the lastest olimpic summer games, we could know more about this great culture. I think thegreeks live remembering their amazing past, full of famous scientists and philosophers. In the present they have been progresing in their economy because they entered in the european community, but they stay being of the second Europe.
Mexico is poor, that is the reality, And Mexico is poor because it have not known to do good the things, the problem in Mexico is that many peoplelive extremely poor, but a few people have much money. Mexico will continue increasing his poberty if Mexico does not make something soon. Mexico can’t be living of the human quality of themexicans. The politicians in Mexican are used to work pretty bad. If The mexican politicians worked to improve the life of the mexicans, the mexicans would live better than nowadays.
Neverwill you find a good politician in México.
Not only would I prefer to live in this Mexico full of good people, but also I would rather live in a country richer and more comfortable to live.