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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2012
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My life plan is to be a successful person, I have a career, I'm still thinking, I like a medical career, I would like to be a doctor surgeon think it's a very interestingprofession. well my plan is to finish my high school life and good grades, I want to be in activities such as dancing and after finishing high school, I go to College, living in another city, withroomies, I want to finish well the college to have a good job and then rent a small apartment, and very often visit my family, to visualize them with ranch with horses, after several years of workto save some money, I would like to start traveling.

A) Vision:
My vision is to be a person recognized for my work, a good doctor, having my family together even more, living aloneand having a good job so I can my tastes, buy my stuff and buy lots of clothes, to travel. Be a person of success in myself and in my work. My vision is to live alone, without compromise,visiting my family. Able to pay all my stuff, I like to travel a lot, Canada, Brazil, Paris and know the east, the pyramids, learn from other cultures and other vision is to have a car Bora andlearn several languages ​​

B) Mision:
My mission in life is that I will be a good person, but I will have mistakes, I want to finish the High School and study my profession, I will haveto work hard, I want to help more than anything the planet because it is our future. I want learn many things for share.

A) Values :
All this is that I will arrive with good values,being a responsible, disciplined and patient, especially. having humility, not to feel more than others, because not being humble arrive not do anything, have stability with me and mysurroundings. patience to do things the best possible.
Know me better myself, try to do as much good as possible. Live happy and be a responsible and friendly person, finish everything I start.
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