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Kit# JC601KS/N-DX (Auto Only) JC651KS/N-DX (5 Speed)
Before beginning the installation, read these instructions and the enclosed driver’s “WARNING NOTICE” thoroughly and completely. Also affix the “WARNING” decal in passenger compartment in clear view of all occupants. If any of these items are missing from this instruction packet, do not proceed withinstallation, but call SKYJACKER® to obtain needed items. If you have any questions or reservations about installing this lift kit, call SKYJACKER® at 318-388-0816 for Technical Assistance or Customer Service departments. Due to the inconsistency of vehicles when manufactured and the various options available, the amount of actual lift gained by this lift kit will vary. PRE-INSTALLATION NOTES: • Aprofessional mechanic is recommended to perform the installation. • Read the instructions carefully and study the photo illustrations before attempting the installation. • Secure and properly block the vehicle on a level concrete or asphalt surface. • Always wear safety glasses. ACCESSORIES: • 3⁄4" Spring isolator pad spacers, pr. ................#SIP275
(for vehicles equipped with a heavy dutybumper and winch)

Kit# JC601KS/N-DX (JC651KS/N-DX)

• Slip yoke eliminator kit (NP/NVG231) ..............#FIX231 • DOM 1.25” replacement tie rod tube................#TR300

Now you are ready to "set" the length of the new Rock Ready™ link assemblies. A) It is very important to position the swivel ball socket so that the bushings are exactly centered . B) Measure thelength of the link assembly between the center of each eye on each end. Rotate the rod end(s) as needed, being sure to keep the ends square with each other until link assembly measures: Lower Front should be set @ 20 1/8" Upper Front should be set @ 15 1/4" These are pre-alignment measurements only. Final Measurements to be set by a qualified alignment facility. C) On each rod end, rotate jam nutagainst steel tubing. Hold the rod end in place with a crescent wrench, and using a pipe or crescent wrench on the jam nut, completely tighten. On Double Flex link assemblies, one end is right hand threaded, and one end is left hand threaded so be sure to tighten properly. NOTE: Jam nuts must be tight against steel tubing before installation. D) Recheck center-to-center measure to be sure it iscorrect, and that the ends are square with each other. IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should rod end (heim) be adjusted out more than 1/2" (approx. 6 threads) from the ball casing!
Page 1 I-JC601 (Updated 8/00)

1. Secure and properly block the tires of the vehicle on a level concrete on an asphalt surface. Jack up front of vehicle and install jack stands under frame behind front bumper. 2.Remove tires, front shocks, steering damper shock, and front track bar from vehicle. 3. Remove drag link assembly from pitman arm and pitman arm from steering box using a pitman arm puller. Install new pitman arm at this time. (Figure#1) 4. Remove sway bar end links. Lower differential and remove coils by removing spring bolts and retaining clips. (Figure#2) 5. Remove front brake lines and drill a3/8" hole into each lower coil seat using the factory indent as a guide. Install the aluminum bump stop spacers using the 3/8" x 4-1/2" bolt, nut, and washer. (Figure#3) 6. With differential supported remove the lower control arms, and lower control arm alignment adjusters (Figure#4). Using another jack, support the transmission and remove the transmission cross member (figure #5). Install the leftand right side sub-frame rails using the original cross member bolts and new 10mm stover nuts. Reuse the OEM lower control arm bolt to fasten sub-frame to the original lower arm mount, do not apply the nut at this time. (Figure#6) figure #4 figure #3 figure #1 figure #2

figure #5

figure #6

Updated 8/00

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7. Install the new transmission cross-member using the supplied 1/2" x...