Limites del amor

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a) As (igualdad)
Maria is as pretty as Juana b) Mas que...
Rosy is prettier than Emma
Juan is the most handsomethan Pedro
b) Lulu is the prettiest the all
* Jose is the most handsome of the class

1. PAST TENSE (page 39) REGULARS (ed.)
a) ed.presente-pasado
(Se le pone ed. a la mayoría de los verbos)
b) Live (d)
Care-cared die-died
c) Y- ied -Carry -carried -spy-spied dry-dried
d) y. play- played-Stay-stayed -destroy-destroyed
e) Cvc (consonant-vocal-consonant)
-Stop-stopped -rob-robbed -beg-begged
f) mix-mixed sew-sewed
Past tense (page 43)Afirmativo-negativo-interrogativo

Afirmativo | Negativo | Interrogativo |
I played | I didn´t study | Did i play…? |
Afirmativo | Negativo | interrogativo |
I studied | I didn´t study | Did i study…? |You studied | You didn´t study | Did study…? |
He studied | He didn´t study | Did study…? |
She studied | She didn´t study | Did study…? |
It studied | It didn´t study | Did it study…? |
Westudied | We didn´t study | Did we study…? |
You studied | You didn´t study | Did you study…? |
They studied | They didn´t study | Did they study…? |
Afirmativo | Negativo | Interrogativo|
I liked | I didn´t like | Did i like…? |
You liked | You didn´t like | Did you like…? |
He liked | He didn´t like | Did he like…? |
She liked | She didn´t like | Did she like…? |
It liked| It didn´t like | Did it like…? |
We liked | We didn´t like | Did we like…? |
You liked | You didn´t like | Did you like…? |
They liked | They didn´t like | Did they like…? |

2. lastvacation (page 41)
* The family went (go) to México
* The visted (visit) ´´the pirámides´´
* The children was(not/to be) at schoool last weeked
* You phoned (to phone) your girlfriensd...
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