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IndustrialIT for the Refining and Petrochemicals Industries
Creating value through integrated solutions

are more valuable than the sum of our Products
ABB is one of the world's largest suppliers of automation systems, power products, advanced solutions and services to the refining and petrochemicals industries. Our job is to help you increase productivity and profitability while enhancingproduct quality, maintaining plant safety and protecting the environment. With IndustrialIT, ABB has integrated state-of-the-art technologies for modern refinery and petrochemical facilities. Our solutions meet your needs today and grow with your future.

ABB’s IndustrialIT Solutions


Devices or software for process-related measurement or actuation,such as pressure, temperature, level and flow

That’s Industrial IT
Control and management of operational variables

Technologies to supply and improve efficiency of motion, torque or position

OperateIT Meter



Meters to measure usage of energy, gas, water, etc., and related software

Devices to supply, regulate, convert anddistribute electrical power

Interaction between automation or plant systems and human operators

ProduceIT AnalyzeIT
Devices or software to measure and analyze product composition Planning, scheduling and manufacturing of customers’ end product, including procurement of raw materials

Technologies for the measurement of physical or electrical variables such as force, torque, proximity,voltage etc.

“We were pleasantly pleased to see that ABB had not only listened to all we asked for, but had actually acted on a lot of it, and really leap-frogged a lot of their competition in the area of process control and automation.” __________
Maggi Walker, Director of Process Automation,The Dow Chemical Company

ABB is now poised to deliver IndustrialIT solutions to the entirespectrum of refining and petrochemicals industries: Crude Distillation, Isomerization, Cracking, Olefins, Hydrogen, Gas Processing, Hydrocracking, Dewaxing, Benzene, Polyolefins, Gas to Liquid, Acrylonitrile, Ethylene Benzene, Styrene, Aromatics, Diesel Blending, Crude Blending, Lube Blending, Bitumen Blending, Oil Movement, Terminals, Pipelines

Tools for the design of primaryequipment, process trains or plants

Create solutions to

optimize your value chain
When you implement any of these fully integrated ABB IndustrialIT Product Suites, you begin optimizing your business from the device to the enterprise level.

Engineer IT
Configuration or final design of production and automation systems

Evaluation of process parameters,product and equipment status and recommended actions

Procure and Fulfill
Business and production planning software

Enterprise information and decision support

ProcessIT Simulate

Ancillary products and services related to networking, LAN,WAN, etc.

Dynamic simulation of automation strategies, productive systems and business processesAncillary processing and handling of customer end products and sub-products

Comply IT CollaborateIT
Solutions to facilitate interaction among suppliers, manufacturers and end customers Compliance with qualitative regulatory agencies, such as environmental, safety



Tuning, improving or optimizing of automation systems, production systems and end products

ValidateIT Fulfill
ITAsset Lifecycle

Maintain Install
Consult IT
General consulting services

Technologies related to input of customer orders and distribution or shipping of end products

Compliance with procedural regulatory agencies, such as FDA, ISO

Support IT
Products and services to help install, commission, maintain and train for plant and automation systems

Your Core Processes = the Value...
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