143…Look at the items. Where can you buy them? March with its corresponding picture. Then with a partner, ask and answer as in the example.
144…Write two things you can buy in the places mentioned. Talk about it with a partner.
145…Read the dialog. Put a X where the post office located. (TraduccionAtras)
146…Listen to the Tapescript. Answer the following questions.
147…Read the sentence. Then match with its corresponding picture.
148… Make a list of the means of transportation from ex 1.
149… Make a class survey. How do we travel? Do a tally. (TraduccionAtras)
150…Dy the following.
151…Match the verb with the correct means of transportation.
152…With a partner, talk about tickets. What information should a ticket have? Give a reason for your answer. See tickets from ex 1. Make a list. (TraduccionAtras)
153 y 154… Read the dialogs. Then circle the correct answer. (TraduccionAtras)
156… Read the dialog. Underline the weather words. (TraduccionAtras)
157…Look at the weather words.
158… Use the information from ex one to ask for the weather in different parts of the world.
159… A. Write two things you can buy ub:
160… Make a list of different means of transportation. Them write the preposition.
161… Read the dialog. Look at the underlined words. Cirde the connect option.
162… Pablo’s plans for the month of April. Then complete the sentences
163… Complete the sentences.
164… Write your plans the month in which you are now.
165…Read the dialog and the brochures.
168…Create your own travel brochure with the information from ex one. Be creative and remember the writing process
169…Make up a vacation. Answer the questions a according to you vacation.
170… Read the dialog. Answer the questions. (TraduccionAtras)
171…Plan your own outing. Consider the following questions.
172… Read the dialog. Underline the sequence words. (TraduccionAtras)
174… Dictionary use.
176…Reading/Writing workshop
177…Read [continua]

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