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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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English as an International Language:
--Introduction (English within the current context as an international language and with a great social,cultural and scientific importance)
Nowadays, English is becoming more and more important. It is used in every subject of knowledge and human development. On the one hand, it is practically said English isthe main worldwide current language. At the globalization era, the international language, a lingua franca which has had an effect on the non-Anglo-Saxon countries, including Spain; and which affectsprofessions and other matters indirectly. On the second hand, English is the mother tongue of countries that complement political influence, economical and trading power, social comfort, as well asscientific and cultural income. It is used at international political meetings.
Economical and scientific terminology comes from English or it is very influenced by it. We live in the “coca-cola” era,that is American popular culture has invaded us through mass media, such as television, movies, music…, scientists publish their research and discoveries in English.
Firstly, it is about the toolwhich allows communication among people from different countries, within the globalized world we live in. Undeniable, English has mainly become the world’s system of communication, the one most used. Itis the official language or it has a special status at 75 territories around the world.
Everybody recognizes the necessity of an international language we could use as a worldwide means ofcommunication. Jointly, English has been selected international language when dealing with diplomacy, yet English knowledge is required to work in governmental institutions. In 2001, 189 countries in the UnitedNations were consulted about the desired language in the embassies. More than 120 chose English (Vietnam, former countries of the Soviet Union and the majority of the Arabian countries); 40...
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