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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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There will always be those kinds of questions we are not able to answer properly, what’s love?, what’s happiness?, what’s fear?; besides the tangled “brainteasers” mentioned, when it comes to me, Iwould add What’s English?; as any person, who has run out of adjectives or terms to describe something, I turned to the dictionary:

“English: the language of England, now used in many varietiesthroughout the world.”

After letting a few thoughts revolve around my head, not comfortable with the entry, I realized the only way of understanding these concepts is by actually living them; talkingabout what English is, without mentioning what living English means, is almost impossible. When I first started assimilating this language, it never occurred to me the significance it would have;Walter Kaufman, the philosopher and poet who once made accessible Nietzsche’s thoughts for the English speaking readers, used to say:

“Words signify man’s refusal to accept the world as it is”1.Now, perhaps more than ever, I agree with him; English is far away from a vast lot of phonetics or grammar, a word is always the same, but what it means for each one of us is a different story.Growing up is a constant process but is in the teenage years, encouraged by hormones and social pressure, where we define the archetype of our personality, the way we relate with others and ourselves;it is exactly in this ambivalent time of my life where English becomes an exhaust valve, a way out; explaining why isn’t quite easy but it is related to the secrecy it offered, almost like an intimacy.At first I realized thinking in English gave me a particular sensation, it was just me, trying to solve life mysteries, no one else; consequently I was able to encounter myself and find friends wholike me for my true self, share secrets with them; in a “borrowed” language, I feel my own.

In addition to the confidence English gave me, there’s the fact of being a “global villager”, a...
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