Linguistic conversation

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The conversation was held during an English conversation class. The interlocutors were a native speaker (N.S) and two students (S1, S2). And it lasted 20 minutes.

N.S: Native Speaker

S1: Karla Reyes

S2: Claudia Ramírez

Ss: Both students

N.S-Ss: “So, hi!” . (With a cheerful attitude)

S1-N.S: “Hello, how have you been?”.

N.S-Ss: “I’ve been fine, how’s life? How was yourweekend?” (Cheerfully)

S1-N.S: “It was boring”.

N.S-S1: “It was boring?” (Agaze)

S1-N.S: “Yes, I just stayed at home and study” (with a cheerless attitude).

N.S-S1: “Really? Didn’t you do anything for mother’s day?”

S1- N.S: “I went to visit my grandmother”.

N.S-S1: “Cool”.

S1-N.S: “And there, we were all together with my family, it was great! I ate a lot of junk food” (laughingcheerfully).

N.S-S1: “Cool”.

S1- N.S: “The only day… funny “.

N.S-S1: “The only fun day”. (Correcting)

S1- N.S: “Oh, fun day”.

N.S-S1: “Yes, because funny is chistoso and fun es divertido asi como entretenido” (explaining the meaning of the word)

S1- N.S: “So, it was the only fun day”

N.S-S1: “At least it was a fun day”.

S1- N.S: “yes, well, at least!” (Sarcastically)(Laughs)

N.S-S1: “So, on saturday it was just homework?” (Settling into her seat)

S1- N.S: “Yes, I came to the university with her”. (Indicating her classmate)

S2- N.S: “Yes, with me”.

N.S-Ss: “Oh!, so, you spent your saturday here?”. (Agaze)

S1, S2- N.S: “Yes!” (at the same time)

S2- N.S: “The whole afternoon”

N.S-Ss: “Wow! That’s dedication, good job”.

S2- N.S: “Yes,but we didn’t do anything. We just lost time”. (Laughing)

N.S-S2: “Oh, You waste your time?” (Correcting)

S2- N.S: “Yes”.

N.S-S2: “Oh that sucks”.

S1- N.S: “Yes, because it’s Saturday... And you waste your time and it is ridiculous “

S2- N.S: But, well, it doesn’t matter”.

N.S-Ss: “So what was suppoused to do on Saturday, what was your task?

S2- N.S: “To do a project for... fordidáctica”.

N.S-S2: “Okay”

S2- N.S: “And we realized that we can’t do that because we haven’t done the Interest Survey”

N.S-S2: “What?” (Inquiring)

S2- N.S: “The Student Interest Survey, when you ask the students what topic would they like to work with, so we didn’t know the answers, so we can’t do the project”.

S1- N.S: “We didn’t have the answers to work with, so we didn’thave anything”.

N.S-S1: “Wow, mmm” (lamenting)

N.S-Ss: “So, it’s the Student Interest Survey?”.

S1, S2- N.S: “Yes”.

N.S-Ss: “Okay So, what are you suppoused to do with that? So, you just go and stand ... over there, like in la placita thing and you ask people “Are you interested?” (Confused)

S1- N.S: “No, we ask the student in the classroom what topic they would like to read”N.S-S2: Okay, is that what you have there in your hands?” (Indicating a paper and reading it).

N.S-Ss: “Okay... mm so, for what grade is that?”

S2- N.S: “It’s for... ahmm séptimo?” (Doubting)

S2- N.S: “How do you say that?”

N.S-S2: “Oh, yeah, seventh grade”. (Settling into her seat)


S1- N.S: “So, what about you what did you do on Sunday?”

N.S-S1: “Well, we celebratedmother’s day last week ‘cause my younger brother goes to university in Valdidia and so we’re like: well, he’s gonna be here the weekend before mother’s day so let’s celebrate then instead of… well… making him come back again this weekend and so he comes here once a month”. (Laughing)

N.S-Ss: “So, last weekend my mom organized everything, she was like okay”.

S1- N.S: “Oh, but that’s not fair”.N.S-Ss: “Yes, but she’s like a micro manager, she needs to be in control of everything so she said: guys I don’t want to go out to a restaurant and we were like… mm okay… So what do you want to do? Because it’s hers day, so we have to do what she wants to do, right? So, she said well, I want you guys to come and stay home. So she planned everything” (laughing)

S1- N.S: “Did she cook?”...
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