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INGL 3225 – 097
NOTE: We will have our first Quiz on Tuesday, February 14 th. The Quiz will cover pp. 1-14 in the text.
This week’s homework has TWO PARTS:
1. A WRITTENASSIGNMENT (This part is designed to help you prepare for the Quiz.)
1. PREPARE A DETAILED OUTLINE: for the material on pp. 1-14 in our text. Thismaterial covers the following sections:
a. 1.0 Defining the Domain of Study
Pursuit of knowledge, research of a determine field or department of learning.
b. 1.1 The Circularity of DefinitionsProblem that arises when trying to determine a meaning of a word. Because words have to be define by others words; argument that presents an obvious an endless and repetitive cycle.
c. 1.2 TheRelationship of Language to Thought
Association that resolve the repetitive cycle of language by establishing a relationship between language and concepts. Concepts being prove as non-linguistics.d. 1.3 The Three Way Relationship Between Things, Concepts, and Signs
The three way relationship between things, concepts and signs is the equivalent of language.
i. This includes the followingsub-sections:
1. 1.3.1 Things – Part of the world perceivable or conceivable. (Tangible or intangible) The definition for things brings a difficult situation which is not strange in the philosophicgame of language this being that things can be also concepts.
2. 1.3.2 Concepts - Unit of thoughts established by properties common on a set of objects. Concepts are link to “things”.
3. 1.3.3Signs – Representation of a “thing” known by native speaker.
e. 2.0 The Semantic Triangle
The semantic triangle is a simple way to explain the system of language which elements are: concept, thing andsigns. Creates theories of how signs are related to things; Conceptual perspective and Extensional perspective.
f. 2.1 The Conceptual Perspective of Meaning
Meaning of the concept is the thing...
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