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PAGE 2 3 4 TITLE Foreword Viewer Restriction Contact Information LeTourneau, Inc. Integrated DVD Manuals Installing LinkOne® 4..2.3.0 System Requirements Before Installing LinkOne® Installing from DVD Nominating Books To Be Viewed Reading Books Reading Books from the LEPS DVDVideo/Animation/Interactive Graphics Icons Using the LEPS Viewer To View The Service and Parts Catalogs Starting the Viewer The Viewer Window Navigating around the Picture Window Zooming Revert Panning Shortcut Keys Links between the Picture Window and the Document Window Links in Parts Catalog Links in Text Documents Links between the Document Window and other Documents In Text Documents Linking From TheService Manuals to the Parts Catalog The Table of Contents Window Resizing Windows Searches Multi-Book Searches Selected Multi-Book Searches Shopping Cart De-Selecting A Selection Adding Notes to Books Printing Pages from LEPS Customizing the LEPS Viewer Getting Help


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Viewer Restrictions
Access to the Parts Database is available only by specific machinemodel serial number. All other machine parts lists are restricted.

Contact Information
Technical Publications Department
Telephone Number: 903-237-7069 Fax Number: 903-237-7031 E-Mail Address:

Parts Department
Telephone Number: 903-236-6570 Fax Number: 903-236-6587 E-Mail Address:

Product Support DepartmentTelephone Number: 903-236-6584 or 903-236-6525 Fax Number: 903-236-6548 E-Mail Address:

Sales Department
Telephone Number: 903-236-6500 Fax Number: 903-236-6585 E-Mail Address: equipment.sales


LeTourneau, Inc. Integrated Service Manuals
The LeTourneau, Inc. Integrated Service Manuals include the following: • Service Manual – This manualprovides machine specifications, safety instructions, basic machine operating instructions and guidelines for establishing a comprehensive preventive maintenance program and instructions for troubleshooting and repairing common problems and rebuilding some components. This manual is of interest to operators, trained and experienced service technicians and service management personnel. PartsCatalog – This manual provides lists and associated illustrations for ordering parts from the LeTourneau, Inc. Parts Department or authorized distributor.


Installing LinkOne®
System Requirements
The LEPS Viewer software required the following specifications to function correctly: • • • • • • • • Personal computer capable of running Microsoft Windows 2000® or Windows XP® OperatingSystem (Linkone installations on systems prior to Windows 2000 may also operate properly but are not supported). 4-8 MB of RAM in addition to the minimum required by the operating system for optimal performance 60 MB free hard-disk space Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 or later. CD-ROM drive (Parts Database Users Only) DVD-ROM drive SVGA (800 x 600) display or better A mouse or mouse-compatiblepointing device

Current LinkOne® Users Before Installing LEPS
LinkOne® Version 4 is not an upgrade to version 3.1. Although it is fully upward compatible, it is a new, separately licensed, product. If unsure about updating existing LinkOne® software, please contact your system administrator for assistance. Before installation of the LeTourneau, Inc. Electronic Publishing System (LEPS)can take place, the LEPS Viewer must be installed. The Viewer includes the Administration program which is necessary for installation of the Viewing system.


Installing Linkone Viewer from DVD
The recommended method of installing this software is to accept the default installation settings and to change them later if required. • Insert the DVD and a PDF file will appear (if auto run is...
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