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1. People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

|1 |Nowadays, education plays a very important place in our life. Many students want to attend a college or university for|
| |different reasons. In the following essay I will try to explain some of them. |
| | |
| |Some students think to a college or university as a new life, a new experience. Actually it is. Usually mostof them lived with|
| |their parents and depended on them, so when they left home, they have to get used to take care of themselves, learn in a |
| |different environment and be organized. The university as a new city or a new country is really new from all points of view. A |
| |new country implies learning the language, so he needs to exercise a lot, work in a team and makenew friends. Communication is|
| |the best way to learn a new language and help him to understand the new courses and have the best results. This is the |
| |excellent period to make the best friends. |
| ||
| |Apart from gaining new experience, studying to a college or university can increase our knowledge. They give us a professional |
| |learning for a specific domain and a better understanding of the outside world. Taking as an example Computer Science |
| |University, it teaches us the basic of programming, algorithms and where tolook for information and how can we learn it. |
| |Because the programming technology is growing up very fast, as a programmer you have to keep up with new technologies and the |
| |university is the one who teaches as this if you want to be a professional. Moreover, it can improve our English knowledge |
| |because all IT documentations are in English.|
| | |
| |Besides, attending a college or university means a preparation for future carriers. Carrier is the one who gives us a better |
| |future. Having a good education in your specialty itgives you great opportunities. If you are qualified and have a rich |
| |resume, the companies will look for you. This means a better salary and position into a big company. Many companies are looking|
| |for the best students and offer them a position even if they are still in the school. |
| ||
| |In a nutshell, attending a college or university is beneficial to us. We have to be very well specialized to have a great |
| |future and to contribute to our society. Learning doesn’t heart you and makes you a great person. |
|2 |It is a general fact in almostevery countries in the world that after graduating from a high school, there is a large number |
| |of students who want to continue their studying at a university or a college. |
| |So was I. When I completed my education at a high school, my dream as well as my purpose is becoming a student at a university.|
| |In my opinion, it...
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