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  • Publicado : 10 de junio de 2011
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Jesus Adorno
Cism 125
Wednesday 2-4:45PM

Essay 3. Discuss the similarities and differences among MS-DOS, Mac OS, Windows and Unix/Linux operating system.
There are different categories ofoperating system. One of them is the single-user, single task operating system. In this category is where you will find MS-DOS and Linux. Another category is single-user, multitask operating system, here,you can find Windows, MAC OS, and Linux. In this other category which is Multiuser operating system, you will find Windows and Linux/Unix.
Ms-dos which stands for Microsoft disk operating system wasthe first widely installed operating system in personal computers. If we compare this operating system with the ones we have today MS-dos would be considered a highly user unfriendly operating system.As of today, this operating system is still is used by IT professionals to edit and repair system files.
The Microsoft Windows operating system in the beginning was a single-user, single taskoperating system. Today, this operating system has evolved to become a powerful multiuser operating system. Windows increased the user functionality, friendliness and internet capabilities. It alsoenhances file privacy and security.
The Mac-OS is extremely similar with the Windows-OS in terms of functionality. Mac-OS was the first commercially available operating system. Although Mac-OS was thefirst one to incorporate the graphics user interface (GUI), which it’s user-friendly consisted of the point and click technology using a mouse, both Windows and MAC-OS now have the similar windows workingareas on the desktop or laptop that houses individual applications and support users working in more than one application at a time.
The Mac-OS have long been recognized for their superior graphicsinterface display and processing capabilities. Other users believe that the Mac-OS has greater system reliability, better file backup utilities and document recovery.
Linux is an open source...
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