Liquid ink

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Corel® Painter™ 11

Liquid Ink
A Visual Guide

Note: The Painter user interface screen captures used in this guide are from an earlier version of Painter, but are otherwise accurate in describing Liquid Ink.

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Liquid Ink in Painter 11
John Derry

Introduction Liquid Ink represents a media Layer type in Painter 11. This Layer type is not intended to replace existingink media in Painter. Instead, it is designed to extend its visual vocabulary. Ink is often used for graphic purposes. The term graphic, as used here, describes artwork that is intended for some form of print reproduction. Many print-oriented technologies use ink as its primary medium. In some graphic media, the ink is transferred from an image carrier (woodblock, linoleum, etc.) to a receiver(paper). In others, the ink is applied directly to the receiver with a stylus-based instrument (pen & ink, brush & ink). The unique properties of ink, combined with the methods used to apply it to an appropriate receiver, imbue the resulting imagery with a distinct visual character. The Liquid Ink technology encapsulates several attributes associated with traditional ink-based media. Some of theseattributes include: Adhesion Viscous media, like ink and enamel, tend to “self-adhere”. In other words, viscous media is attracted to itself. A simple example is the manner in which 2 drops of ink will tend to merge as they come into proximity with each other. The point of contact tends to congeal together until the former individual drops become one large drop. Liquid Ink can be adjusted to act moreor less self-adhesive.

It is precisely this unique quality of adhesion that characterizes the visual appearance of many ink-based images. The edges of the visual elements within these images to exhibit a rounded, slightly “melted” appearance.

Visual Guide to Corel Painter 11 Liquid Ink


Surface Depth When thick enough, viscous media will exhibit a 3-dimensional appearance that isinfluenced by the manner in which it is lit. In some media, like enamel, this 3D appearance is desirable. Other media, like pen & ink, look better with a flat, graphic appearance. By default, Liquid Ink layers appear flat, but they can be adjusted to exhibit a 3-dimensional appearance. Like Impasto, the character of the lighting can be adjusted as well.

Flat Representation

With Surface ReliefResistive Media Several ink/oil-based mediums can utilize a resistive media like water or wax for creative effects. Wax and water are mediums that will repel ink and oil. Just as ink’s self-attracting quality congeals image elements, interaction with a resistive media will still cause the ink to exhibit a “self-simplifying” congealing of elements. The combination of both a positive and negativeform of ink interacting with each other can lead to very interesting visual results.

Original Stokes

Horizontal Resist Strokes Applied

In the example above, a set of vertical ink strokes were drawn. A series of horizontal resistive strokes were then applied over the original vertical strokes. Notice that the resistive strokes do not simply erase the original strokes. Instead, theremaining portions of the original strokes selfsimplify and reduce the remaining ink to a simpler representation. It is this self-simplification that is one of the primary visual hallmarks of viscous media.

Visual Guide to Corel Painter 11 Liquid Ink


Softening The term “soften” is used in conjunction with Liquid Ink to describe the application of a selfsimplifying force to existing Liquid Inkimagery. It is similar to the application of heat to wax or ice. The original shape will reductively simplify its form. Liquid Ink Softening tools impart a similar visual result to existing Liquid Ink visual elements.

Original Ink Strokes

Strokes with Softening Tool Applied

Primary Divisions of Liquid Ink Control Like the Watercolor technology in Painter 11, Liquid Ink is primarily...
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