List of indicators

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First objective indicators - adequate pensions
"Ensure adequate retirement incomes for all and access to pensions which allow people to maintain, to a reasonabledegree, their living standard after retirement, in the spirit of solidarity and fairness between and within generations"
Primary indicators
At-risk-of-poverty rate of elderly people, (65+)Median relative income ratio of elderly people, (65+)
Aggregate replacement ratio (excluding other social benefits)
Change in projected theoretical replacement ratio for base case 2004-2050accompanied with information on type of pension scheme (DB, DC or NDC) and changes in projected public pension expenditure 2004-2050)
Secondary indicators
At-risk-of-poverty rate of elderlypeople, (60+, 75+)
Median relative income ratio of elderly people, (60+)
Aggregate replacement ratio (incl. other social benefits)
Inequality of income distribution - S80/S20 income quintileshare ratio, elderly people, (65+)
Relative median at-risk-of-poverty gap of elderly people, (65+, 75+)
At-risk-of-poverty rate for pensioners
At-risk-of-poverty rate of elderly people bytenure status, (60+, 65+,75+)
Dispersion around the at-risk-of-poverty threshold of elderly people, (60+,65+,75+)
Context indicators
Composition of income by source and by income quintile forpeople (60+, 65+ and 75+)
Second objective indicators - sustainable pensions
“Ensure the financial sustainability of public and private pension schemes, bearing in mind pressures on publicfinances and the ageing of populations, and in the context of the three-pronged strategy for tackling the budgetary implications of ageing, notably by: supporting longer working lives and active ageing; bybalancing contributions and benefits in an appropriate and socially fair manner; and by promoting the affordability and the security of funded and private schemes."
Primary indicators
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