Lista de phrasal verbs en inglés

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1. Name after
*To give (someone or something) the name of someone as an honour.
My son will be named after his grandfather.

2. Get ahead
*To (cause to) lead or be in front
The horse that we were hoping would win began to get away halfway through the race.

*To advance; be in front of, especially in a competition; succeed
Jane used to be slow in class, but nowshe is getting ahead.
Hard work will get you ahead.

3. Come along
*To pass, to arrive
My teacher came along just as we were talking about him.

*To arrive together with someone else.
Only Jane was invited to the wedding but both her sisters came along too.

*To arrive by chance
Trouble comes along when you least expect it.

*To advance, improve
How is your work comingalong?

*To improve in health
The doctor says my mother is coming along nicely now.

*To hurry
Come along, children, or we’ll be late!

*To make more effort, work harder (also Come on)
Come along, Jane, you can do better than that.

*Infml (I don’t believe you! / Oh, Come on!)
Oh, come along! That is all nonsense.

4. Get along
*To cause to go forward
The car could hardlyget along on the icy surface.
A hot drink will help you get along on this cold night.

*To send or take (someone or something)
I’ll get your clothes along as soon as you have a fixed address.

*To leave, go away
I think I’ll be getting along now, I want to be home quite early.

*(of time) to become late; (of people) grow older
Grandmother is getting along and she does not look wellanymore.

*To continue to live, often with difficulties.
We’ll get along somehow, don’t worry.
We can get along with your advice, thank you!

*To form or have a friendly relationship with someone.
How are you and your new neighbour getting along?

5. Go along
*To move forward especially in a road.
The roads were so muddy that we had to go along on horseback.

*To go somewheretogether with someone.
At the last minute, the two youngest children decided to go along.

*To advance; move further with something
I like to add up my bank account as I go along, instead of waiting for the statement at the end of the month.

*To advance; go well
How is Tom going along with his new book?

* infml To go away
Will you children go along. I can’t do with you in here.6. Go along with
*To move forward with (something or someone)
The cars went along with great care on the icy roads.

*To advance with (something such as work)
How is Cindy going along with her new fashion magazine?

*To accept ; agree with someone or something
We`ll go along with your suggestion, although it is not exactly what
we wanted.*To be found together with (something)
Failing health often goes along with old age.

7. Fool about/around
*To play; behave foolishly; waste time
Stop fooling about, we have serious work to do.

8. Play around/about
*To spend time having fun
The seashore was full of kids playing about in the sand.

*To have fun, spend time near(something)
Tell the children not to play around the electricity station.

*To amuse oneself with; examine the possibilities of something in an unorganised manner
Many important discoveries have been made by scientist playing around with unusual combinations of chemicals.

*To cause disorder to (something)
Who’s been playing about with my papers? They are all out of order

*To have an improperrelationship with (someone, usually of the opposite sex)
I warned you not to play around with married women, it always leads to trouble.

9. Excel at
*To be very good at (something active such as a sport)
John has always excelled at hockey, even as a young boy.

10. Glance at
*To look quickly or carelessly, often in passing at (something or someone)
Glancing at the clock she...
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