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Listening Name | Web-Site | The things I learned |
Craig’s House | | I don’t knew, what a Spare Room is and with this exercise y learned that. |
NotMy Year For Football | | It was really hard, because I didn’t understand the British English, but I understood when I repeat the listening many times. |Andie’s Job | | It was really easy because is in American English, so I understood everything. |
In the Pub || I learned some liquors names, so that’s cool! |
Buying a Train Ticket | | I learned how I need to say to buy a ticket when I’ll use the pub or thesubway. |
Emilio on English | | It was the easiest exercise because, the English of Emilio it’s like the mine. So I understood everything |
Eggs | | It was hard, because the audio sucks! So, I didn’t understand some words or sentences. |
Salzburg Nightlife | |It was interesting, because that was the first time that I hear the Australian English, and it’s not easy, I need to do some exercise with that pronunciation |

Listening Name | Web-Site | Thethings I learned |
Security Announcement | | It was very hard, because the audio of that exercise was terrible, I didn’t understand some words of the audio.|
Betsy on George Bush | | With this exercise I learned a lot of ways to give an opinion. But, was a little bit hard because isn’t easy to understandsome words in the audio. |
Kevin on Peru | | It was a really good exercise, I understood everything and I learned some phrasal verbs and words that I...
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