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1- Find someone who…

|Likes chocolate | |
|Likes playing soccer| |
|Likes rice and meat ||
|Likes reading novels | |
|Likes strawberries| |
|Likes lettuce ||
|Likes watching TV | |
|Likes watermelon| |
|Likes orange juice ||
|Likes carrots | |

2- Listen to the song “Jorge Regula”by The Moldy Peaches and complete the sentences with the correct words or phrases. Some alternatives are given. Then, turn 1st person into 3rd.

____ _________ ____ Jorge Regula 
___ ___ walkin'down the street 
_____ love you 
Let's go to the beach 

Let's go sailing 
Let's get a bite to eat 
Let's talk about movies 
Let's go to sleep 

_____ wake up in the__________(oven/morning) 
Put on my yellow shirt 
_____ get a bite to eat 
____go to work 

____ ___ the A/V guy 
I'm the AFNY guy 
I'm the piano guy 
Let's go to ______ (sleep/slip) 

I wrote a new ____...
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