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Apply the Skills
Thinking About the Selection (page.32)
1. Respond: Why do you think the washwoman gives so much and asks so little in return?
Because she is kind and she loves to help others without any reward.
2. (a) Recall: Which job does the washwoman perform for Singer´s family?
She washes all the laundry (clothe, undershirts, bloomers, shifts, pillowcases, etc.) of Singer´sfamily.
(b) Connect: Which laborious obstacles to doing the job well does Singer describe?
The washwoman was so old, she´s house was so far from the house of Singer and when was winter; there were so many snow and wind.
3. (a) Recall: What prevents the washwoman perform returning to the family for several months?
The washwoman was ill.
(b) Draw Conclusions: What does the washwoman´s eventualreturn tell you about her character?
She is old, but she´s so strong to do her jobs.
4. (a) Recall: What specific information about the washwoman´s personal life does the author include?
She’s relationship with her son.
(b) Speculate: What other kinds of information about the washwoman might the author have chosen to include but left out?
Information about why the son is ashamed of hismother. What kind of ill does the washwoman had.
(c) Asses: Based on this essay, explain why an author might choose to include some details and omit others?
Because the details he omitted are not so important as the ones that he added.

Literary Analysis
5. (a) In this narrative essay, what difficulties does the washwoman face?
That she was old, sick, her house is far and she had muchlaundry to wash.
(b) How does she respond to those challenges?
By working hard and the strength that comes from generation to generation.
(c) What inspirational lesson does the author take away from the story of the washwoman´s life?
That we have to do all that we can do to finish things that someone let us (responsibility).
6. (a) Use a chart like the one shown to record three significantdetails that Singer uses to describe the washwoman and her son.

The Washwoman´s Son
The Washwoman
-he is ashamed of his mother
-he doesn´t like his mother
-he´s rich

-she´s old.
-she doesn´t have a rancor.
-she´s responsible

(b) What impression of each character does each detail create?
The details of the washwoman gave us animpression that she´s a really good mother and woman, and the details of the son gave us and impression that he is a bad son.

7. (a) What point does Isaac Bashevis Singer make in this narrative essay?
The washwoman was so old to work.
(b) Which details in the essay best support this point?
-She passed already 70 years.
-She had a son.
-She´s house is too far from the house ofthe Singer.

Reading Skill
8. Write down three predictions that you made while reading “The Washwoman.” Then, trade papers with a partner and discuss the accuracy of your predictions and the details you used to make them. Finally, explain how your method of making and verifying predictions has or has not changed as a result of your discussion?
-At the end the washwoman will die.
-The sonof the washwoman will not invite his mother to the wedding.
-She will have a lot of laundry.

My result didn´t changed because I predicted good.

Apply the Skills
Thinking About the Selection (page. 38)
1. Respond: What do you admire about Annie Johnson? Explain.
That she worked so hard to take care of her family.
2. (a) Recall:Why does Annie Johnson have to find a source of income?
Because Annie´s husband left Annie and her babies without money.
(b) Recall: Why does she decide against a job as a domestic?
Because if she work at a domestic, she can´t take care of her babies.
(c) Infer: What does Annie Johnson´s decision suggest about the kind of mother she is?
She´s a kind of mother who loves much her babies and...
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