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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2011
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39 steps

We are already near of him! Missing bit and get him, we have to cross the big lake.
No, darling those arenot caps, they’re spies,
Mr. Richard waits up. How dare you trade me like that? And also, I will not able to go throughthere.
Mr., Mr. Memory.
I, the doctor and I am bad, Oh God, I´m bleeding, I bleeding, I die, I die, There are fouractors, one, two, three, four, four. Now if I die.
Friend of mine I need a favor I need your coat and your cup. If you giveme, I will give you a pound.
OK my friend I give you my coat. Look I give you a pound, Hey take another.
Thank you,thank you. That money was of my coat.
Sr. caps. Why I have to go with you if I already gave you the suspect.
Miss thereare orders,
Be careful, Look at the car.
Shut up.
No, Mr. Memory.
Don’t worry I’m ok, I’m ok.
Oh! Mr Richard…please… I die, I die.
Hey wait up, you felt down to the river. Hey this is an order. Obey… to the authority.
Oh! I got lostthem, is better to hide me here. And arrive to the big house, But first I will hide me in those farmers’ house.
But HowI could arrive there?
Over there, through those mountains and to cross the big lake, but you have to stay in my home.
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