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  • Publicado : 29 de marzo de 2010
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My poses in my body that’s not real because my dreams in my mind are unrealistic and sodomy luxury scandals and my language don’t have the move or maybe it’s science fiction aroundthe world. All that I can say its fucking lies, but don’t matters it’s my problem and I found the explain with the bitchs, or wear ever that’s so, not it’s important in this film I’m not the director,only I’m an actor superficial actor undo that’s all? I don’t believe you , she steal my body and I need more and more I need her kisses in my mouth and her hands on my body the way is long but I’m nota rape man only almost famous actor, and I guess supposes my relation with her, but it’s impossible, no yet.

My life in this time is surrealistic and melancholy I guess, but I want say more thingsmy expected. Don’t go with my friends, please, don’t go, our asks about of god don’t have answer, why? I don’t know, you must look for yourself, make a introspective and you have the answers of thequestions, come on, you can or you can’t, I no think so!. Well. You must discover the life and live your life all right!, don’t stop with bullshits, or sheets on your way, you walk and walk and neverstop ever, you can defend and play with your music and visit the museum everyday, except the Monday, the places that you want go are here, in front off you, corner off with lights.

The universe andcosmos stay here with you, because you are part of all, excuse me, don’t say fuck with this letter, I’m not crazy only I’m a messenger of the sight, yeah of our sight, don’t remove the true, and don’tplay with lie because the life play with you and you’ll must pay for them.

The art not it’s perfect, because the perfect is die and the humans not yet, but you can made something for you world andyourself, yeah don’t make nothing for the earth the must important are you, if you are different you can help must to people, earth and world, not to the other people, only you love yourself,...
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