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A language is many things, it is a system, a code, a set of conventions, a means of communication. Language is a complex phenomenon, t can beviewed as many different things. Good language teaching will reflect a variety of aspects of language.
Language is a system, certain items in a language acquire meaning only by relation to other itemsin the language. These aspects of language as a system need to be understood and internalized. They cannot simply be learned by heart it learners are ever going to be able to use the target languagemin an original way.
Language is a habit. The teacher who sees language as habit will see the necessity for repetition and intensive oral practice .
Language is a set of conventions. The positiveresponse referred to aboveis part of social convention. Using the social conventions of one country in another may lead to embarrassment, confusion or misunderstanding.
Language is a means ofcommunication, the emphasis is on the fact that language is not used in a vacuum but one person to another in order to communicate the message. Students frequently read texts in order to anwer questionsabout the text . the only purpose of such texts was for students to examine the language of text, the language of the textbook was not used to communicate anything else; the comprehension questionswhich followed such texts involved the students telling the teacher what the teacher already knew.
Language is a means to an end, language is not use for its own sake; to help the memory in notetaking; to entertain and instruct in a play; to explore feelings and understanding in poetry.
If the teacher can identify the purpose for which the students need language the teaching can be directedtowards helping achieve those objectives.
Language is a complex phenomenon language teaching should reflect the different aspects of language. Language is means to an end; language teaching is a...
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