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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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Drug addiction in youth:
Adolescents going through a crisis and trying to avoid trouble, often search for easy ways to forget the situation, for example by consuming drugs and alcohol.
Sometimesaddictions arise from problems within the family, such as, misunderstanding, miscommunication, shock, intra-family abuse, rejection, abandonment, lack of financial resources and difficulties in school.Feeling that they are not appreciated at home, teens often get the impression that they are not heard or valued, which can often negatively affect their self esteem.\
Drug abuse is so common thatmore than one in five 12th graders had tried drugs in their lives. This alarming statistic shows how many teenagers give in to the pressures which occur in their everyday lives. \drug use leads to over17 000 deaths a year in the USA. Many of these deaths are teenagers
When attempting to resolve a problem, teenagers often make the mistake of taking drugs, believing that they will only take thesubstance once, but in reality it creates a habit or addiction which makes is near impossible. This can lead to an increase in family problems, which often spiral out of control when teenagers becomeaddicted to harder drugs. Once addicted to these drugs, they can feel pressured to abandon their families and become street children. This exposes them to risks of greater magnitude, including disease,beatings, abuse, exploitation, hunger and abandonment.
Drug abuse also influences the social aspects of teenager’s lives. Many teenagers choose to use drugs when faced with problems which seem out oftheir control. Teenagers who are not accepted by their peers often feel the need to join a different group who abuse drugs. Because they have low self esteem, teenagers will choose to imitate their newfriends, who make them believe that "trips" are an enjoyable experience. Drug addicts may make negative comments about a person who is not willing to take drugs, however, adolescents should be...
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