Literature generes

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Literary Genres.

In this article we will discuss the literary genres that are each of the classes in which literary texts are divided, each in turn shows other subgenres. This article will alsoadd a little about my personal experience with some books and authors to start there are three types of gender:

The lyric which is done with words and is used to express feelings
The narrative whichis used to tell stories sung by characters through dialogue. The narrator tells the story in which you can use narration, description, exposition or argument.
The drama is intended to represent tothe public. The characters do not require participation of a narrator, follow the directions of work on costumes, gestures, movements, containing the dimensions of the work.

This is how we come tothe literary subgenres which are deployed in the texts mentioned above, these are characteristic of the genus to which they belong.
Among the subgenres is the lyrical genre which turn it off othercategories such as addressing a song of love, the Elegy that talks about the death of a loved one, the satire used to ridicule someone and Eclogue is a poem that talks about the nature or theenvironment.
Another literary sub-genre is the narrative of which emit various genres, including this: The story is a short story with few characters which are simple and there are few data from them, the storyusually unfolds in a chronological order and the environment in which they find is poorly characterized.
There are two types of stories according to their composition, the traditional folk tale andthe literary. By its structure there is also the framework that I have are stories that are joined together by another story that frames such as the Arabian Nights.
There are other types of storiesaccording to the intention which, among these are:
Legends are stories that are told as fact where you can explain the origin of a character that will be important. To give a tone of reality, these...
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