Little english diary

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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* Tuesday

Today Tuesday I started getting up very early in the morning after drinking a glass of milk I left to take the bus to go to school. I had only 2 hours of classes that day and then went soccer field wing of the right to avoid boredom and being with my friends to stop playing with my friends I was taking classes to finish teccal 30 hrs that the teacher had me order to be entitled topresent my final exam. in the afternoon after lunch I started writing this little book in which I will talk about what I’ve experienced in recent days, as if it were a diary this work will be like my third review which will be partially true percentage value in my field of English to help me improve my grades in the subject
after a good moment being in the computer checking my face book and doingother tasks that tape-worm earrings for delivering for the following day I went away to the room to see awhile the TV later take a bath and on having ended I continued seeing the TV up to after midnight already to be able to go away to sleeping

* Wednesday

On Wednesday I went to visit one of my aunts who lives here in Querétaro's city and the better thing is that I could go to his housevery early since I did not have my Englishman's class of this day had freely from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. since tape-worm class of right at this hour.
But if I could be with her enough time and chatting it brings over of what she had done in the school in addition I Went out with to take awhile an ice cream to the center and Later return to the school to stop taking the class that I was lacking asthis day I went out a bit late of the school already alone take the truck on returning to my house to do the same thing that I make every night give me a bath to finish some task or to pass checking my e-mail and to see TV until already it is the hour that I have to be going to sleep to be able to get up another day and come to the school.
Before sleeping I was chatting with my breast of whichprobably tomorrow on Thursday I still had to sleeping in Querétaro with my aunt to get up a bit afterwards eh to go away to the school

* Thursday

On Thursday after classes of the day came to my I went away to having breakfast with a few friends went away to my class of sports and we were doing speed competitions for which it goes to there be a sports event of this Saturday in 8 at which wehave to be present and were doing different tests when tape-worm went out like l already not nothing that to do I went away to teccal to accumulate more hours of this and like that on Friday only go 2 more hours me returns to the house something be late for that I went away to taking a few beers with my Friends and already nothing comes and I ate for that he had not eaten anything in the wholeday I got to bathe and late a lot of time in the watering-can I Went out and saw the television not more than 20 min for that I remain slept and already unfortunately on Thursday I did not do as well as anything that was costing a sorrow the truth me her very boring pass this day

* Friday

On Friday get up a bit afterwards of the habitual thing since I do not live in the city I have tocome to Querétaro to the school the truck takes him more than 1 hrs. To the bus it takes him more than 1 hrs. In coming later still I have to travel like 30 min. To take the bus sometimes I end up by getting up at 4:30 a .m. to be able to come here before 7 a.m.
In the night I was giving a few readings to my annotations of accounting since on Friday at 9 a.m. it had my modular exam of the matterand needed to have a good qualification not to have to go away to final examination. After my examination I was in teccal again now this way already to finish the 30 hrs of requirement for my Englishman's examination also return to the field of foot ball that my companions were going to have party against another equipment of the faculty in a small tilt that exists in the school .these day also I...
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