Little man

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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2012
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Little man, the way girls are.

It's a boy. He goes to school, he is sitting in his classroom, sitting right next to another student in one of those double tables that encourage partnercommunication, though he seems pretty much on his own thinking, or waiting for something in particular, hands folded, a very neat, attentive pose. The teacher speaks out an assignment, an essay about anything,as long as its interesting, says the teacher. One of the students, a girl, asks if she can write about her barbie horse. As the teacher bends down to explain her little student how she should write herhomework, the boy seems to focus on looking down her teacher's blouse, or the camera gives us that impression. It seems as if the boy has found something to write about. You see him go into his room,sit on his desk and write the title of his homework: " The way girls are". by Mathias.

The first thing that he sees is that he has to lie so that a girl doesn't get mad. While little Mathias isat school, he meets girls at a bench in an aisle beside the school patio, at lunchtime. He is illustrating his point. The first girl is of large complexion. He compliments her on her stripe sweater, hethinks it makes her look thinner. She is offended of course. He realizes he is calling her fat. He gets slapped. The next few girls slap him for almost obvious reasons. But finally, he speaks thelie...he tells one girl she is beautiful. The girl is pleased and kisses him on the cheek. He writes it off again, bag of ice placed against his cheek.
He knocks on a door, his neighbor's door. Afriend of his opens the door. He has brought a little something to play with. His friend knocks on his sister's room, water pistol in his hands. You know what's going to happen. His friend walks in withMathias following close behind, mischievous grins, pumping his air operated water gun looking onto his victims. He fires away and both boys enjoy it immensely, though differently. Eventually they are...
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