Living among skyscrapers or beaches?

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2011
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Living among Skyscrapers or Beaches?

Being a military wife is not an easy task. I have to be prepared to face changes in my lifestyle due to deployments and permanent change of stations. Forinstance, I need to be ready to relocate to a different city every three years. If I had the opportunity to choose a city to live in, New York City and Miami, Florida would be the cities I would choosefrom. There are three main factors I would take in consideration to help me make my decision: ethnic diversity, the climate and demographics. While New York City is well known by being one of the citiesin the world with a wide ethnic diversity, Miami, Florida has a warmer climate year round and lower population numbers.
Firstly, New York is an amazing city where we can find an equally amazingcultural diversity. For example, we can see most cultures of the world represented in the people walking down the streets of New York (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia). Living in New York City can bea great learning experience about other cultures without having to travel around the world. On the contrary, Miami’s ethnic diversity is very narrow. According with the 2000 U.S. census 65.8 percentof Miami’s population is Hispanic, 22.3 percent is African-American and 11.8 percent is White (“MIAMI Profile 2004 Edition"). More than half of the Hispanics living in Miami are of Cuban origin(Walton). If we want to learn and experience the Latino culture, Miami, Florida can be a good choice for us.

Next, New York City is in the northeast of the United States where the winter season can bebitter due to the low temperatures below freezing (“Climate New York - New York - Climate Graph”). If I had to live in New York I would need to take extra time to move around the city due to trafficjams caused by the snow or sleet (“NYC Hazards: Winter Weather”). As a result of the inconveniences icy roads bring to the city, I would also have fewer hours of sleep in order to add more time to my...
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