Living in the country

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  • Publicado : 8 de enero de 2011
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As a child I remember myself looking up into the night sky and seeing the entire universe spread out before my eyes. I would lay there for hours, and let my imagination soar to new heights and travelto far away galaxies. These are my fondest memories of life in the countryside; laying in the grass and gazing always upwards into the infinite beyond. The soundtrack was pretty good; there were nohorns or sirens. No gunshots or domestic disputes. Just the crickets and the wind. A small river ran near my house and you could hear at all hours the sound of running water. That helped me to sleepalmost every night. Living in the countryside as a child taught me to listen to my surroundings.
In the countryside, life seemed much more simple. I don't know if I'm saying that because by thattime I was ten years old and so I had barely any responsabilities or because it was much more easier. What I do know is that the people were totally different. It was safer as well. My mum allowed me tostay out all night with my friends and nothing happened that in the city will definitely be crazy. Staying awake until late hours with my friends when I was ten was very fun, but things changed when Icelebrated my fifteenth birthday. I realised by that time that living in the country as a toddler is awesome, but as you grow up, I had the desire to get to know more people, change my routine...there was barely any place to party, just a bar that seemed godforsaken. It was then when I understood why only ten boys and girls aged from fifteen to twenty lived there. But I could do nothing, I hadto wait until collegue. Because as you can imagine the education in the country is limited, country folk have not the facilities that city folk have. I mean, I could study there but you couldn't go tocollegue. I was determined to headed to the nearest city in order to have a career.
What I liked the most about living there is that everyone knew everyone. Your business was their business,...