Living a life full of satisfaction

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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2010
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Living a life full of satisfaction
By: Martha Hayde Benitez

Leaving childhood behind is like changing home, it is not easy however it is not impossible. Fear and confussion seems to come alongwhen you realize that important decisions should be taken in youthood. Youthood is a step towards success or failure. Doors of opportunities can be entered once and be close forever if you choosewrongly. What is it then the key towards a successful future? How can youngsters achieve it?

Teens are running the race of life. As in a literal race, obstacles are presented all along the track, lifeis full of encumbrances. Runners should be able to endure until the end by learning how to overcome obstacles. First of all, they learn how to identify them. Gaining wisdom and reasoning awaresadolescents to avoid trouble. Both qualities are gifts they need to unwrap. Parents, books and teachers can be compare as fountains of rich experience in which every teenager can obtain wisdom. It is theirchoice to take advantage from them. Maturity is the final result of this strongeffort.

There is always a point in a teenager’s life when she or he has to show maturity. Standing firm againstwrongdoing peer pressure shows maturity. When an adolescent proves that he has self control and that he knows how to defend his moral values and criteria, there is where others start trusting him. Eventhough the whole world push him to do something , he is able to say no and explain why. It is not easy because most people reject the one whose not following their own ideas, but when they learn how toignore this response, they will surely enjoy life to the fullest.

However, maturity does not guarantee a teenager can be completely independent from his parents. Maybe an adolescent might feel he isan expert in life issues but his parents are masters in these area. Parents abound in knowledge and experience. They are capable of discerning harsh situations and get to the best solution for the...