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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2010
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Love is a feeling we all have for a person or a thing, love can make you experiment kindness, compassion, and affection. If you are in love, it can make you feel better as a person. Love is blind,and it does not have age or size, it just happen with someone. In Slumdog Millionaire the author Danny Boyle shows love has no limits, the love of Jamal for Latika is more powerful than any otherproblem the world gives them, it also showed us how love is a fundamental thing in the life of a teenager, how the partner is the confident of everything , and it will always be loyal. The author presentedus that trough life, love is always good, that it can help you with problems, and it helps keep a smile in your face. Love can always be the reason to smile in somebody’s life.
Slumdog Millionaireit is a movie for adults that can appreciates all the values this movie showed us. Jamal and Latika had a terrible childhood full of full of obstacles, but they were always together passing throughthem with a lot of effort, even though they were separated he never give up and fights for the love of his life. In a question and answer game, Jamal told the story of his life and all the things hewent through, and how the love he has for Latika was always present in his daily activities. Slumdog Millionaire is a movie full of values. It also proves us that with initiative, you can do anything youset up.
He was always loyal to Latika, trying to help her and protect her. When they were children, they were always together having a good time, but when they were in the orphanage, and they triedto escape, Jamal could not help Latika escape, but even though he could not, he always thought about her. The loyalty Jamal had for Latika made them like siblings even thought they were just friends.The loyalty Jamal had for Latika is shown in the whole movie.
Jamal showed us the love he had for her by trying to liberate her from the bad guys she was living with. Jamal always tried to find...