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On the Sidewalk, Bleeding

In the story “On the sidewalk, Bleeding” written by Evan Hunter. Andy a 16 years old boy who had joined The Royals gang; is bleeding to death on the sidewalk. He gotstabbed by a member of the enemy gang. In the store 3 events make him regret what he has done at the end. Andy is a round character; He showed himself to be brave, regretful and discriminated.
Anold lady stopped at the other end of the alley. The garbage cans were stacked there, beating noisily in the rain. The old lady carried an umbrella with broken ribs, carried it like a queen. Shestepped into the mouth of the alley, shopping bag over one arm. She lifted the lids of the garbage cans. She did not hear Andy grunt because she was a little deaf and because the rain was beating onthe cans. She collected her string and her newspapers, and an old hat with a feather on it from one of the garbage cans, and a broken footstool from another of the cans. And then she replaced thelids and lifted her umbrella high and walked out of the alley mouth. She had worked quickly and soundlessly, and now she was gone.
The alley looked very long now. He could see people passing at theother end of it, and he wondered who the people were, and he wondered if he would ever get to know them, wondered who it was of the Guardians who had stabbed him, who had plunged the knife into hisbody.
Usually we make mistakes and solving them could be hard. We would like to go back in time to solve it, but we can’t. Sometimes we solve our problems by saying sorry or telling the truth.Andy thought that it was right to join a gang to gain some respect. When his time started to end, he tried to solve the bad choice that was haunting him. He died on the sidewalk. Everyone looked athim like a Royal. People say “intention is what counts” but this time it didn’t. The fact that he tried to change by taking his jacket off didn’t matter. He still died as a Royal “discriminated”.
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