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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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The Lair of the Dragons
Once upon a time, in the middle ages there were 4 dragons that were hunted down by the best wizards in the world; they had to hide in 4 different places of the world wherehumans could not reach or even breathe. The fire dragon hid in the deepest volcano where no human can breathe, the sky dragon made its nest in the highest and most dangerous peek, the water dragon inthe deepest waters of a big lake, the earth dragon made its nest in the largest rocky canyon where any human can get lost for the rest of his/her life. Their magic power was very powerful and you arewondering why did they run away? They did it because of their children, they were planned to have, so they have to hide their children’s appearance and molded it like humans were. 8 years passed andno one knew about the dragons lair, until one of the most powerful wizards found a baby male lying down on the ground, almost near a volcano’s rage. The wizard’s name Makarov was and the most honorablewarrior the earth could have, and taught the little dragon’s son to live for their friends and fight for them like if it was the end. And so Makarov had to put a name, and Natsu became proper for himfor the little dragon’s kid. The time passed by and Natsu became an important S class mage on his clan, and was recognize as one of the most important wizards his clan could have, but he hadsomething hiding inside his heart, and was the love of his beloved dad. He always wondered what happened with him and why did he run away from his arms, so he decided to travel and that way understand why hisfather led him alone in the dark. After years traveling he found he was not the only one, who was abandoned by his beloved dad and so Natsu joined his strength with his water brother, sky sister andearth little brother, to travel all over the world. Amounts of difficulties with the most terrible monsters in the earth and sky they had to fight, to finally understand that their fathers were...
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