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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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Born in Quito in 1797
He died in Paita (Perú) 23/11/1856

Lover of Simon Bolivar, was recognized by him (25/09/1828) as "Liberator ofthe Liberator." His parents were Simón Sáenz Vergara, Spanish, and Maria Joaquina Aizpuru, Ecuador. His childhood was spent in Quito, where he quickly made to feel the ideals of independencemovements, organized revolutionary groups. In this regard, Manuela and her mother were identified with the emancipation, not his father who remained loyal to the Spanish crown, and he was taken prisoner atthe outbreak of the movement, but later regained his freedom by being suffocated in 1810. Because of their support for American independence process, Manuelita was admitted to the convent of SantaCatalina where he learned to read, write and pray. According to a legend that circulated for long, still very young she was abducted from the convent by an officer named Fausto D'Elhuyar, which howeverhas been debunked by historians.

In 1817 she married James Thorne, an English merchant, rich and much older than she moved with him to live in Lima (Peru) between 1819 and 1820.

In 1856, hecontracted diphtheria, a disease that destroys his life and his body was cremated to avoid infection in the population, as well as their belongings, including much of the correspondence of Bolivarfor her, jealously guarded. In August 1988, was located where were the remains of Manuela Sáenz in the cemetery of that town. The identification was possible because the replica was found that alwayswore the cross which identified her as the companion of the Liberator.

Doña Manuela Sáenz

Nace en Quito en 1797
Muere en Paita (Perú) el 23/11/1856

Amante de Simón Bolívar, fuereconocida por él mismo (25.9.1828) como "Libertadora del Libertador". Fueron sus padres Simón Sáenz Vergara, español, y María Joaquina Aizpuru, ecuatoriana. Su infancia transcurrió en Quito, donde...
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