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Historical map of the Coast of German East Africa, 1888

Historical map of German East Africa, 1892

East African Theater in World War IThe colony began with Carl Peters, an adventurer who founded the "Society for German Colonization" and signed treaties with several native chieftains on the mainland oppositeZanzibar. On 3 March1885, the German government announced it had granted an imperial charter (issued on 17 February) to Peters' company and intended to establish aprotectorate in East Africa. Peters then recruitedspecialists who began exploring south to the Rufiji River and north to Witu, near Lamu on the coast.
When the Sultan of Zanzibar protested, since he claimed to be ruler on the mainland as well, Germanchancellor Otto von Bismarck sent five warships, which arrived on 7 August and trained their guns on the Sultan's palace. The British and Germans agreed to divide the mainland between themselves, and theSultan had no option but to agree.
German rule was quickly established over Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam, and Kilwa, even sending the caravans of Prince, Langheld, Emin Pasha, Charles Stokes to dominate"the Street of Caravans". The Abushiri Revolt of 1888 and was put down (with British help) the following year. In 1890, London and Berlin concluded the Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty,returning Heligoland (seized during the Napoleonic wars) to Germany and deciding on the borders of German East Africa (the exact boundaries remained unsurveyed until 1910).
Between 1891 and 1894, the Hehe tribe, ledby Chief Mkwawa, resisted German expansion. They were defeated as rival tribes supported the Germans. After years of guerrilla warfare, Mkwawa himself was cornered and committed suicide in 1898.The Maji Maji Rebellion occurred in 1905 and was put down by the governor, CountGustav Adolf von Götzen. But scandal soon followed, with stories of corruption and brutality, and in 1907 Chancellor...
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