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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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Radio interview

Hi Guys Good Afternoon, Again Tuning RADIO HITS
Today we’ll start with the current topic… “The Educational Problem and current movement”
We have a Guest “ Javier Pedraza” Who isa teacher from Ruben Dario’s School from La Reina it goes 7 years working there. He’ll Answer us some Typical cuestions but thinking about his own thougth and how is his vision of the currentproblem. Lets see!.

-Hi Mr. Javier, how’re you?

*Hi Timmy Fine thanks

-Well, Let’s see for what you’re here we wanna know how’s you see the problem from your point of view like a teacher .We’ll Ask your some questions and you’ve to answer Ready Javier?

*Yeah, it would be a pleasure lets do it!.

1 - well ¿ What do you think about the profit on Public and Private Establishments ?* The profit of everyway is bad even more talking about the education Even if the municipality gives money to public school’s they should not recive money from the students because municipality doesit for them.
About the profit on Public Establishments i thinkg that it concerns to the same Establishments Because if they’re in TOMA they’ll loose money, So i think this one its a great way todemonstraiting the Discosting problem of the students, Because the municipality pays to the School for every student attending everyday and if the school does not work it would loose the money with thesame that they do a profit, But the teachers do not have anything to see in this and it concerns them too.
On Private’s school i think it’s an abuse, Some colleges costs $150.000 Monthly for somethingthat is so minimum that is develop like person to Receiving good educations, To realice yourself It’s not for help his students it only goes to the poket. And if they’re en TOMA they don’t loose moneyfrom the municipality.

1 - And what about the schools that help his students like school that got special classrooms from kids with special needs? Apart from normal students.?

*Well, this...
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