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Complete the sentences like in the example. Use simple present in negative form. Example: Jane doesn’t read a book. (not/to read)

1) Tom __________________ stamps. (not/to collect) 2) You ___________________ songs in the bathroom. (not/to sing) 3) Julie ___________________ in the garden. (not/to work) 4) I ___________________ at home. (not/to sit) 5) Tina and Kate _________________ thewindows. (not/to open) 6) Adam __________________ French. (not/to speak) 7) His sister ___________________ lemonade. (not/to like) 8) We ___________________ to music. (not/to listen) 9) My father ___________________the car every Saturday. (not/to clean) 10) Johnny and Danny _____________________ in the lake. (not/to swim)

1) We _____________________ handball at school. (not/to play) 2) Laura_____________________ her room. (not/to clean) 3) Mark _____________________ his homework. (not/to do) 4) Susan and Jerry _____________________ TV. (not/to watch) 5) They _____________________ at 6.30. (not/to wake up) 6) You _____________________ shopping. (not/to go) 7) Mrs. Smith _____________________ a big box. (not/to carry) 8) My brother _____________________ English. (not/to teach) 9) The teachers_____________________ stories. (not/to tell) 10) I _____________________ in a plane. (not/to fly)

Choose the correct phrases and form negative sentences. 1) I _______________________ (don’t stay/doesn’t stay) at home. 2) We _______________________ (don’t wash/doesn’t wash) the family car. 3) Doris _______________________ (don’t do/ doesn’t do) her homework. 4) They _______________________ (don’tgo/doesn’t go) to bed at 8.30 pm. 5) Kevin _______________________ (don’t open/doesn’t open) his workbook. 6) Our hámster _______________________ (don’t eat/doesn’t eat) apples.

7) You _______________________ (don’t chat/doesn’t chat) with your friends. 8) She _______________________ (don’t use/doesn’t use) a ruler. 9) Max, Frank and Steve _______________________ (don’t skate/doesn’t skate)in the yard. 10) The boy _______________________ (don’t throw/doesn’t throw) stones.

Write the negative and interrogative sentences of the verbs in bold. You can use long or short/contracted forms of the auxiliary. Example: Tom writes a letter. Answer: Tom does not write a letter. Does Tom write a letter. 1) They play volleyball every week. 2) John is nice. 3) This car makes a lot of noise. 4) Ilike computer games. 5) We are from Greece. 6) You wear pullovers. 7) They speak English. 8) He watches TV. 9) I am from Spain. 10) Steve draws nice pictures.

1) She feeds the animals. 2) We take photos. 3) Sandy does the housework every Thursday. 4) The boy has two rabbits. 5) Simon read English books. 6) He listens to the radio every evening. 7) Anne is the best singer of our school. 8) Thechildren are at home. 9) The dog runs after the cat. 10) Lessons always finish at 2 o'clock.

Complete an Affirmative sentence in Simple Present using the verb in parenthesis:

people ___________________ (eat) a lot of pasta. 2.The train from Madrid ___________________ (arrive) at 2:45. 3.Tom ___________________ (like) cooking very much. 4.Sarah ___________________ (play) cards onMondays. 5.The Thames ___________________ ( flow) through London. 6.Some Americans ___________________ (drink) six cups of coffee a day. 7.The spaghetti ___________________ (taste) delicious. 8.The evening performance ___________________ (start) at 8:30. 9.Helen ___________________ (work) as a shop assistant. 10.Susan ___________________ (take) a shower everyday. 11.I ___________________ (read)the newspaper before having dinner. 12.The Parkers ___________________ (spend) the summer in the Caribbean islands. 13.A lot of people ___________________ (suffer) from stress. 14.Peter ___________________ (smoke) a cigar after having lunch. 15.The dress ___________________ (look) terrible. 16.Mr. Thompson ___________________ (reside) at 1015 Greenway Avenue. 17.It ___________________ (snow) a lot...
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