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ACT I - In the house of Jorge 
(George's mom in the kitchen preparing lunch. Jorge is in his room lying in bed) 
Mrs. Klein: Jorge! ... Your lunch is ready! ... Jorge! (No response) 
Mrs. Klein: Jorge! Hurry! It's getting late! (No response. After a few minutes she goes to see George on his 
Mrs. Klein: Jorge! Not ready! 
  George: Oh ... mama, do not feel right ... 
Mrs. Klein: What's wrong? (She walks over to George and touches his forehead) 
Mrs. Klein: Oh ... I think you have a temperature! 
Jorge: My head hurts ... and throat. 
Mrs. Klein: Maybe you're cold. (She leaves the stage and returns with a thermometer. Put the thermometer 
Jorge underarm. After a while, read the thermometer) 
   Mrs. Klein: Oh, my God! You're 38 and a half in temperature! We're going to 
hospital now! (George and she carries out of stage) 
ACT II - In the hospital 
(George is lying in his hospital bed. His mother and the doctor found next to his bed. The doctor writes something in a notebook. Jorge is coughing) 
Mrs. Klein: "As it is, doctor? 
Doctor: I'm waiting for lab results ...but tell me Mrs. Chapa ... did you notice some other symptoms? 
Mrs. Klein: Well, last night told me that he felt tired and wanted no dinner. 
Doctor: What else? 
Mrs. Klein: Also notice that her stomach hurt and I had a little diarrhea. 
(The doctor is prepcupado. A nurse enters the room with the results lab) 
Nurse: I have the results. 
Doctor: Oh, okay. 
(Thenurse gives the results to the doctor. The reads) 
Mrs. Klein: What happens, doctor? 
Doctor: Hmm ... Join me in the office ... we need to talk ... Nurse, Please stay with the child. Return immediately. 
Nurse: Yes, doctor. (Mrs. Chapa and Dr. exit stage) 
ACT III - in the doctor's office (Dr. and Mrs. Klein are sitting) 
Mrs. Klein: Tell me, doctor ... What happens to mychild? 
Doctor: I'm afraid that your child has Influenza. 
Mrs. Klein: Human Influenza? What is that?. 
Doctor: Let me explain .... Human influenza is a disease respiratory stationary. Usually happens in climate change, but we are currently presenting another virus that is more contagious, which is a mix between a pig and human viruses. As measures treatment and prevention should bemore stringent. 
Mrs. Klein: Did you contagious? Do you mean that someone infected my child? 
Doctor: I do not know, but the disease is spread through coughing or sneezes of people who may have the virus, or through touching objects that contain the virus. 
Mrs. Klein: But ... where are contagious? 
Doctor: It may have been at school, at church, at the stadium, in the park ...wherever there are many people gathered. 
Mrs. Klein: Is there a vaccine or medicine that can cure it? 
Doctor: Fortunately there are medications that can cure it. Especially in your case, since you brought to the hospital in time. 
Mrs. Klein: Are you saying that if I had waited longer, something wrong with him? 
Doctor: Probably would have been no complications, but that isnot appropriate. 
Mrs. Klein: Now, what is the next step? 
Doctor: In a few minutes we will apply the right medicine for disease. I just need your permission to do so. 
Mrs. Klein: No problem .... Tell me where I sign. (The doctor gives her the papers and signature) 
Doctor: Once treatment, please go home and not permitted to leave until fully recovered. 
Mrs. Klein: Whatabout us? 
Doctor: I suggest that the entire family stays at home all the time necessary. 
Mrs. Klein: What else should we do? 
Doctor: Wash hands with soap and water, especially after coughing or sneezing. If they cough or sneeze, use tissues, and after used in regular place them in a plastic bag and discard the trash. It is also important to keep the house clean ... vent...