Lo que le sucedio a la mariposa azul

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“Barbie Girl”
Christmas break is over. Melanie is getting dropped off in the catholic school in her mother’s white Jeep. Melanie turns to the right to get outof her car in her white sock that are half way of her legs, her green and blue striped legs, her north face coat on and her Cinderella pink backpack to continueher first grade. Her mother blows Melanie a kiss and she just smiles and walks inside. Her mom leaves and Melanie drops her lunch bag in front of the mainentrance and runs to her group of friends. She starts running with her small black shoes. Her bands and her curly hair is pushed back by the wind. She is running superfast for what she is known for, her loud steps get the attention of her friends. A group of six counting Melanie are have known each other since they were born.The girls interrupted their conversations to notice that the part of the group that was missing, Melanie although out of breath has finally arrived.
“Let me seewhat you got for Christmas.” Rachael said
As Melanie places her back pack on the floor, she opens the biggest compartment of her back pack. Melanie takes out apick box with a clear cover. Everyone just looks at her with a face of confusion while Melanie is smiling from ear to ear. There is no comment at first. AsMelanie still smiles shifting her vision back and forth from her friends to the box, she says:
“It’s a cooking set girls, with cups, spoons, look it has everything”Vanessa raises her eye brows and just looks at the other girls. The girls are looking at Melanie. Melanie has no idea what’s going on with this war of looks.
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