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Features & Benefits

Duralast products are engineered and manufactured by Wells Manufacturing, a leading global supplier of advanced vehicle electronics solutions for originalequipment and replacement applications. Every component either matches or improves on the OE design to ensure fast, easy installation, superior performance and reliability. Wells offers extensiveapplication information and technical support via its Tech Line at 1-800-558-9770, as well as in-depth product and repair videos at www.wellsVE.com and through the “Wellstech” channel at www.YouTube.com .• The camshaft position sensor identifies position of the camshaft to the ignition control module (ICM), engine control module (ECM) or powertrain control module (PCM).
• When not replaced, vehiclecould experience no- or hard start, long crank time, misfire, lack of power, excessive hydrocarbons in oil, spark plug fouling, catalytic converter failure, poor fuel economy, CEL/MIL illumination orintermittent shutdown.
• Designed to meet or exceed OE specifications in form, fit and function.
• Global coverage for import and/or domestic applications.

|Part Number:|SU1056 |
|Weight: |0.15 lbs |
|Warranty:|2 YR |
|Connector/Terminal Type: |Female |
|Electrical Connection Type:|Blade |
|Installation Hardware Included: |No |
|Number Of Terminals:|3 |
|Package Contents: |Component |
|Shipping Information:...
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