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Universidad de Guadalajara
Escuela preparatoria No 16

Materia: Ingles

A book
A class
A picture


Hello I am sure
Hi sure I Am Adam
Nice to meet you Adam
Nice to meet you too.
John this is Adam
Adam this is john

Listen the conversations
i am student

a student
a doctor
a nurse
a writer
a singer
a home maker
a businessman
a businesswoman
an artist
an actor
an engineer

What do you do Alex?
I am writer
Is Jeanette a teacher?
Yes sheis

I can swim
I ca not swim

Questions with the auxiliary can

Can + pronoun + main
Can not + subject + verb+ complement

Formula make sentence in affirmative or negative form

Pronoun ornoun + auxiliary can+ main verb +complement

Who are they?

Married casado
Single soltero
Yong joven
Old Viejo
Tall alto
Short .bajo
Good bueno

Always siempre
Usually usualmente
Aften a menudo
Soldam rara vez
Rarely raramente
Sometimes algunas veces
Everalguna vez
Never nunca
Not ever nunca jamás

What is an adverb?
An adverb is a Word
Those modify a verb in a sentence
Kinds of adverbs
Doud, fast, hard, manners answer to thequestion how?
Last, week time answer the question when?
At about every place answer the question where?

Select the sentence with the most appropriate order of adverb at phrases

• She leavesthe island during the months of December, January after dark.
• She leaves the island after dark during the months of December and January.

• Either “a or b” is fine

• Ramonitaprays at Matthews’s church fervently for his grandmother’s recovery.
• Ramonita prays fervently for his grandmother’s recovery at Mathew’s church.
• Ramonita prays fervently at Matthews’s...
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