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International Logistics
B.A. José Manuel Castellón Alvarez

“Is the part of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage ofgoods, services and related information from point of origin to point of consumption in order to meet customers requirements. By Council of Logistics Management


Evolution:•Higher costs of transportation. •Large quantities in stock


•Reduced order processing cycle Present •Reduced accounts receivable cycle •Improve quality performance


Basic LogisticsCycle
Forecasting Distribution
(Service Strategy)

(materials, production, distribution channels)

(Customer, Distribution Centers, Outlets)

(Orders, Inventory,Receiving)


(Preserve, protect and strengthen)

Logistics & Marketing

Common scenarios…
· The product in promotion is already on the shelf but not the promotionalmaterial. · A promotion was decided at a convenience store but the distribution center is unable to support the new demand. · There was a change in product design, preventing to be exhibited. · The boxnew size does not fit in the pallet dimensions. · The sale was made, but customer has not received the product yet.

“The strategy was adequate, if not met, was because logistics have notunderstood his role.”

Meet customer needs
1. Right Moment 2. Right Place 3. Conditions Marketing 4P’s • Price • Product • Promotion • Place (Distribution)


Stimulation of demandLogistics

Physical exchanges

1. Promotion 2. Market research 3. Sales

1. Transportation 2. Warehousing 3. Material handlings 4. Order Processing

“Logistics provides availability and Marketingaccessibility.”

Shared activities:
• • • • • Customer service Packing Packaging Demand forecasts Location of distribution channel members

Customer Service:
• Customer satisfaction is...
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