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What specific communication objectives migth a campaing for sustainable product o r service?
I think this is the idea o the message that they want to give whit this video that is a reality that that its happening, and day by day were even worst, now about talking about sustainable products, it’s important to understand the definition of this, in the principal internet site call likethis, “Sustainable Product.com” define this products, as the products which provides environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare, and environment over their full commercial cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to final disposition, so if we want to do a campaign of this its important don’t forget some things:
1) Create consciences that weredestroying our world consuming all of these products that we saw in the movie. So we have to start to find some product that help the world having a second air, and to us to have a better quality of life, without fast food, and all of this garbage.
2) Be realistic about that we are in an alarming universe that is asking to us with earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, and all of this natural disasters,because we did what we wanted whit the earth for so many years and now it’s taking revenge, it natural it’s a cycle we must disappear, because the earth don’t want more pollution and destruction
3) Be really hard with the reputation of this companies that are destroying our world, and create conscience in the highest levels, as a corporate, and multinational companies, that they must stopusing chemicals, don’t spill gasoline in the sea, don’t produce pollution, they have to create sustainable products, if we want to live more years.

4) Create a new law of something do something in our culture to consume only products like those who are sustainable, if it’s not, it’s bad, and you’re bad also, so we have to think about it it’s not just money, it’s about how were now, and how wewant to be in some years.
What is green washing?
Green washing its really related with sustainable products, but it’s not only this they have relationship with organizations, and with companies and corporate, to create a social responsibilities, about producing products environmentally friendly, that means that this products don’t hurt the earth, at list not that much as the other products thatwe all know, so they don’t just want to change the companies about responsibility, that seems as the hardest part, they want to change the composition habits in the costumers which don’t care about this subject, its difficult but its working now a lot of people its following this culture.
Just to talk about the importance of this culture, in some countries like Australia you can get a penaltyfor 1.1 million of dollars if you do something against the environment , or in Canada there doing a great job in this kind of products or in Norway that the manufactures has to be environment friendly, and this culture its taking actions all around the world, so now is our time to do something and join this kind of culture which is changing the world, and taking care of it, as I said we have totake care of him, if we want to live here some more years.
What are the main criticism in Logorame?, Beyond the artistic ambition, what bussines particular seem targeted and why?
As we can see almost all this brands or this logos that appears in the video, are brands perfectly known in the whole world, that shows that we live in a pure globalized world, that means that there affecting all theworld, and we see them everywhere, this logos they create a necessity in the consumer that doesn’t exist, so they produced a consumes world, they don’t care if they are destroying the world whit the chemicals products that they used to produce their products as the petroleum companies, or if we’re getting fat, and now everything that we eats can produce us cancer, we are destroying the world,...
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