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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Iliad Questions


1. Important themes introduced are: war, supreme beings. The muse (the goddess) is invoked because she helps to tell the story involving the rage of Achilles. Anepic is a monumental form that recounts events with far-reaching historical consequences, sums up the values and achievements of an entire culture and documents the fullness and variety of the world.This epic is a portrait of an entire society, structured around the experience of one individual who struggles to define himself within it and against it.

2. The theme of the mutilation of acorpse

3. The will of Zeus is ultimately to succeed or achieve his plan- which in this case is to kill off the Greeks.

4. The origins of human suffering deals with the struggle to survive andmanage conditions of continuous conflict which exists at every level of the universe. A specific case involves the Gods beings bound to human life by the tie of parenthood.

5. Homer was said tobe the greatest ancient Greek epic poet.

6. An epithet is any word or phrase applied to a person or thing to describe an actual or attributed quality. Ex: “Stood up, sweet-worded Nestor” (p.8)7. Apollo is the God of music and prophecy.

8. Agamemnon is commander in chief over the Achaean army.

9. Achilles is a valued warrior of the Trojan army. He called the assemblybecause Hera (the goddess) instructed him to do so: she was tired of watching the Greeks suffer in defeat and agony.

10. Agamemnon refers to Chryses daughter as if she is nothing more than a manservant- it’s apparent that he doesn’t hold women to high esteem. Achilles wants Agamemnon to trade in Chryses’ daughter for a monetary reward, so I presume that he has a similar view of women [not holdingthem to the same esteem as men- perhaps it’s a part of their culture]. I suppose to some extent Achilles has justice on his side. Briseis is Achilles’ wife; Agamemnon tells Achilles that if he...