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Microsoft® Age of Empires® II: The Conquerors Expansion Version 1.0B
Readme File

June 2001
© Microsoft Corporation, 2001. All rights reserved.

Microsoft Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion 1.0B is an update of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion 1.0 that includes several enhancements and bug fixes.

A. Version Compatibility
B. Balance Changes
C. EnhancementsD. Bug Fixes
E. Uninstalling The Conquerors Expansion 1.0B

A. Version Compatibility

If you are playing a multiplayer game, all players must be using the same version of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion. For example, you cannot play a multiplayer game between The Conquerors Expansion 1.0 and The Conquerors 1.0B update.

Recorded games can only be played using the same versionof The Conquerors Expansion that was used to record the game. For example, you cannot play a Conquerors Expansion 1.0 recorded game using The Conquerors Expansion 1.0B update.

To play a Conquerors Expansion 1.0 recorded game after installing the Conquerors Expansion 1.0B update, you must temporarily revert to The Conquerors Expansion 1.0.

To play a Conquerors Expansion 1.0 recorded game:1. In the Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II folder (or wherever you installed the game), create a Conquerors folder.
2. Copy the following files from your Conquerors 1.0 disc to the new Conquerors folder:
· 00000409.016
· 00000409.256
3. Create a shortcut to ProgramFiles\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Conquerors\Age2_X1.EXE, with the Start In folder set to Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II.
4. Start The Conquerors Expansion 1.0 using the new shortcut, then play The Conquerors Expansion 1.0 recorded game.

B. Balance Changes


· Aztecs get free Loom.
· Byzantines get free Town Watch.
· Chinese start with 50 less food (for a totalof -200 food).
· Franks now get the Halberd technology.
· Goth infantry cost 25% less starting in the Feudal Age.
· Japanese infantry get 25% attack speed bonus starting in the Feudal Age.
· Koreans –
· Shinkichon increases Onager range by +1 instead of +2.
· Turtle Ships have Heated Shot and additional armor vs. Galley-line ships.
· Korean villager LOS increased by +1.
· Turtle Shipartwork is changed to be more realistic.
· War Wagon and Elite War Wagon range is reduced.
· Spanish Hand Cannoneer and Bombard Cannons fire 15% faster. Fire rate for Conquistadors and Elite Conquistadors is also improved.


· All archery range units (except Hand Cannoneers) now do +1 additional damage to Spearman-line units.
· Camels are now as quick to train as spearmen.
· VikingBerserks now move as fast as pikemen.
· Celtic Woad Raiders now move faster (they run faster than Eagle Warriors who lack Squires).
· Bombard Cannons cause +80 additional damage to buildings.
· Training time for Teutonic Knights, Longboats, Tarkans, and Samurai is significantly reduced.
· Cavalry Archers now have equal range to Heavy Cavalry Archers.
· Scout Cavalry get +2 attack in the Feudal Age.· Galleys now take 60 seconds to produce (War Galleys & Galleons still take 45 seconds).
· Fireships & Fast Fireships have additional armor vs. Galley-line ships.
· Fireships cause additional damage vs. Turtle Ships.
· Korean War Wagon cost increased to 120 wood 60 gold.


· Castles now take longer to build.
· Bombard Towers now do piercing damage instead of normal damage (themajor effect is vs. rams).

· Loom provides +1 additional Pierce armor.
· Palisade walls get +3 additional Pierce armor.
· Treadmill Crane, Masonry, Architecture, Hoardings, Fortified Wall, Guard Tower, and Keep have had their stone cost replaced with wood or food. Now these technologies only cost food & wood.
· Theocracy only costs 200 gold.
· Shipwright now also decreases...
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