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Dolls are magically created beings that serve different purposes, the most simple ones normally do the house chores and lack any fighting skill, some others have very useful powers and abilities that makes them great spies and guardians.

A doll can be created with different materials: wood, ceramic or fabric. Creating a doll is essentially similar to creating any sort ofmagic item. The doll's creator can assemble the body or hire someone else to do the job. The builder must have the appropriate skill, which varies with the doll type. Also, they can only be created by an arcane or holy caster.

Basic doll.-
Servant Doll
Tiny Construct
Hit Dice:1d10(5hp)
Speech:Same as creator
Speed: 10ft, Fly:30ft optional*
Armor Class:12 (+2size)
Full Attack:n/a
Space/Reach:2-1/2 / 0ft
Special Attacks: n/a
Special Qualities: Construct Traits, Low Light Vision 30ft
Saves: For+0 Ref+0 Will+2
Abilities:Str6, Dex10, Con-, Int10, Wis10, Cha10
Skills:Profession(House Keeping)+6, Search+4
Feats: Skill Focus (House keeping)
Organization:Usually 2 or 3.
Challenge Rating:They don't represent athreat.
Treasure: None
Alignment:Neutral or the creator alignment
Level Adjustment:--

At first sight it seems just like a cute and ordinary doll , suddenly it stands up and starts cleaning the room.

This little doll has a humanoid body, it can be made of cloth, wood or ceramic. The doll might

wear from small simple clothes to luxurious dresses, it depends most of thecreator or owner.

Servant dolls as their name explains are meant to do simple chores, they lack any kind of fighting ability. They can keep the house clean and search for lost objects.

A Servant doll body can be constructed from different materials the most common used is fabric but it can be constructed from wood, ceramic, leather or even straws or rope. Creating thebody requires a DC 15 Craft(Cloth manufacturer)(Woodworking) or(Weaving)or (Basket weaving) or (Stonework)or (Leather work) or a (Ceramic work) Check and the materials must be treated with magical oils and powders. Once the doll is created it stays inactive until it makes a “link” with her new owner. The link is created simply by hugging the doll and saying a command word (Full Round Action)Thecommand word can be anything the owner desires. The doll is completely faithful and serviceable to its owner until the link is broken. There are 3 ways to break the link: The owner hugs the doll and says the command word, the owner dies, or the doll is destroyed. The owner can have as many dolls as she wants as long as their total HD don't surpass hers, for example a 7th level wizard can have 7Servant dolls(1HD each) or: 1 Spy doll(4HD), 1 Guard doll (2HD) and a Servant doll(1HD).

Arcane casters
Cl 3rd ; **Craft Doll, Give semblance of life,lesser***, *fly(enables the doll to fly, opcional) Caster level must be at least 3rd level; Price 450gp Cost 225gp + 112exp

Divine casters
Cl 3rd , Craft Doll, Animate object, Caster level must be at least 3rd level; Price, cost and Exp costsame as above.

***New Spells:

Give Semblance of Life, Lesser
Level sor/wiz 2
Components V, S
Range: Touch

Give Semblance of Life, Greater
level sor/wiz 8

Give Semblance of Life
Level sor/wiz 5

New Feat:
Craft Doll(creation)
Prerequisites.- Caster level 3 arcane or holy

Average dolls

Scout Doll

Tiny Construct
Hit Dice:2d10(10hp)
initiative: +2
Speech:Same as creator
Speed: 20ft, Fly:40ft (good)optional*
Armor Class:13 (+2size+1dex) Flat footed:12
Base Attack/Grapple:-/-9
Full Attack:n/a
Space/Reach:2-1/2 / 0ft
Special Attacks: n/a
Special Qualities: Construct Traits, Low Light Vision 30ft
Saves: For+0 Ref+2 Will+1
Abilities:Str6, Dex12, Con-, Int12, Wis12, Cha8
Skills: Move silently+5,...
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