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Present Continuous (Progressive) for Beginners
Read the following interview using the present continuous (progressive) tense
On the telephone
Tracy: Hello, can I speak to Alex.
Alex: This isAlex, who is speaking?
Tracy: Hi, this is Tracy.
Alex: Hi Tracy. What are you doing?
Tracy: Oh, I'm just watching TV. What are you doing?
Alex: Well, I'm cooking dinner.
Tracy: What are you cooking?Alex: I'm baking some potatoes, boiling some carrots and grilling a steak.
Tracy: It sounds delicious.
Alex: What are you doing for dinner tonight?
Tracy: Well, I don't have any plans...
Alex:Would you like to come over for dinner?
Tracy: Oh, I'd love to. Thanks.
Alex: Great. Mary and Jack are also coming. They are arriving at seven.
Tracy: OK, I'll be there at seven, too.
Alex: OK, seeyou then. Bye.
Tracy: Bye.
Take a look at the following conjugation chart. Notice from the above dialogue and following chart that the present continuous (progressive) is used to describe what ishappening at the moment. It is also used to describe a plan in the near future (this evening, next week, on Saturday, etc.). The present continuous (progressive) is often used with: now, at the moment,today, this morning - afternoon - evening.
El presente coninuo (progresivo) se usa para describir lo que está pasando al momento. También describe planes para un futuro cercano (esta tarde, próximasemana, el Sábado, etc). El presente continuo se usa algunas veces con: en el momento, hoy, esta mañana-tarde-noche.
* The present continuous (progressive) is used only withaction verbs. Example: I am working at the moment.
* The present continuous (progressive) is also used to describe an action which is happening around this moment: Example: I'm reading “Hamlet” thisweek. I'm not reading the book at this particular moment, but around this time. El presente progresivo también se usa para describir una acción que esta pasando alrededor de este momento: Estoy...
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